Val d'Isère station
Aerial view of Val d'Isère

Aerial view of Val d’Isère

The style of Val d’Isère is what makes it different to any other ski resort.

An authentic village nestling in the heart of the mountains, that’s Val d’Isère without a doubt ! Its village and hamlets are strung out along the valley at 1850m altitude.

The Daille, the Crêt, the village, the Laisinant, the Fornet, and towards the Manchet valley, the Joseray, the Legettaz and the Chatelard.

Each one has its share of chalets, chapels and other architectural treasures, and “harmony” seems to be the key word……

Free shuttle buses link them up, and each one can also be reached on skis via the slopes !

Espace Killy
Map of the "Espace Killy"

Map of the “Espace Killy”

Val d’Isère is surrounded by a vast skiing area, as varied in its slope exposure as in its levels of difficulty.

100 ski lifts and 300 km of beginner to expert runs make up the Espace Killy.

The skiing area shared between Val d’Isère and Tignes. Waiting is a thing of the past, thanks to the ultra modern ski lifts and the “hands free” lift pass system.

The excellent quality of the snow and permanent slope grooming ensure ideal skiing conditions.

Come into the “world’s finest winter playground” and discover the Espace Killy, with its unforgettable panoramas and perfect, oh so perfect slopes.

Chalet Les Boulons